The viral interview of BBC HARDtalk host Stephen Sackur to senator Antonio Trillanes IV tremendously raised the recognition of the distinguished journalist to social media customers in the Philippines.

According to some supporters of President Duterte, they by no means anticipated journalist from a western nation would made an unbiased interview to the fiercest critic of the present administration.

Netizens had been entertained how the direct and frank Stephen Sackur actually gave a tough discuss to senator Antonio Trillanes IV who took the likelihood to criticize the President in the worldwide media.

Several Duterte supporters even wrote an open letter to thank the BBC host for what he did.

MJ Quiambao Reyes, a pro-Duterte blogger wrote an open letter to the BBC Host and praised him for doing an in-depth analysis earlier than interviewing senator Trillanes.

She additionally gave some info that Stephen Sackur can use when he determined to interview one other member of the opposition in his present.

Allow me please to right and add just a few info which can be useful in your future episodes/interviews:

1. The current admin., opposite to what this overly bold Mr. Trillanes needs the worldwide neighborhood to consider, has no propaganda machine. It is the different means round: The Duterte detractors–composed principally of narcopoliticians, shedding political get together, and grasping oligarchs immediately and not directly linked to some native & overseas information businesses and whose lives and wealth are clearly threatened by the new admin–are the ones relentlessly spending multi-millions and are desperately shifting heaven and earth to overthrow the President.

2. Meanwhile, it’s us, the hundreds of thousands of unusual Filipinos worldwide and lively Filipino netizens, who stepped up voluntarily and are utilizing the social media to assist right the false narratives and distorted info that the likes of Mr. Trillanes have been feeding the worldwide neighborhood.

three. The “7,000/9,000” is the complete variety of homicide/murder instances–a lot of the mentioned determine will not be associated to the on-going drug battle.

three. In the earlier admin prior to Duterte, the annual murder & homicide instances had been 11,500-16,200 (2011-2015).

four. There at the moment are 1.three million drug personalities who surrenderered–alive and unhurt.

5. There are about 83,000 drug personalities arrested–alive and unhurt.

6. Contrary to Mr. Trillanes’ declare, the 1.three million drug personalities who surrendered and the 83Ok arrested will not be all poor. Several high-value targets had been arrested or killed throughout authentic police operations–together with rich and highly effective politicians in addition to police scalawags who had been linked to drug syndicates.

7. Our govt. has put in place mega drug rehab facilities and has additionally launched a number of rehabilitation and reintegration packages.

eight. Total crime charge in the Philippines has dropped by about 30% in contrast to earlier yr.

Quiambao additionally urged to Sackur that he might invite President Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President Leni Robredo in his present.

Krizette Laureta Chu, one in all the first pro-Duterte bloggers who watched the interview of Stephen Sackur to senator Trillanes, thanked him for ‘exposing how ignorant, malicious, and stup*d senator Trillanes is in this hard hitting interview’

Chu instructed Sackur in his letter that there is no such thing as a Duterte propaganda machine and she defined that principally of the Duterte supporters are consisted of ‘patriotic, hopeful Filipinos who see Duterte’s imaginative and prescient and appreciates it’

She even tried to attain Sackur and voiced out her opinion about President Rodrigo Duterte and senator Antonio Trillanes.

former DILG secretary Rafael Alunan praised Sackur for his interview. He additionally mentioned that the extra Trillanes talked throughout the interview, ‘the more he sank in quicksand’

“Stephen Sackur saw him for what he is – a fraud. His questions peeled him wide open for all the world to see.” Rafael Alunan mentioned.

Alunan additionally mentioned that Trillanes drowned by the questions thrown to him by Sackur.

Hedda Joy Tady Tan, who launched himself as an unusual citizen, conveyed her sense of gratitude to the BBC for the issues that he did throughout the interview.

Tan mentioned that Sackur ‘focused on the facts’ and additionally reminded senator Trillanes what was the true pulse of the folks.

She additionally mentioned that Sackur confirmed that not all the members of the media accepted cash to publish one-sided tales about the Philippines.

“You, a FOREIGNER, had the COURAGE to march exterior the ranks of everybody else who’s simply been producing CRAP on mainstream media for a couple of yr into our present Filipino story. MABUHAY ka!” Tan mentioned in her post.

Malcolm Conlan, a British who lives in the Philippines labeled Sackur as an ‘excellent, very knowledgable and well researched journalist on tackling Philippine senator Trillanes, who seems to be on mission to destabilize the Philippines and oust President Rodrigo Duterte from office’

He additionally believed that Stephen appeared to point out that he admired President Rodrigo Duterte’s ‘honesty’ to the folks.

“Clearly this interview didn’t go as well as Senator Trillianes would have wanted and quite clearly Senator Trillianes ended up looking a bit silly and desperate really. I am very pleased that the BBC saw right through the ploy of Trillianes to try to destroy the reputation of PRRD overseas and spread lies and fake news,” Malcolm Conlan mentioned in his post.

These are the different messages of the netizens to Stephen Sackur:


Netizens anticipated that Stephen Sackur invited extra Filipino politicians in his present as a result of they’re ready for his one other hard-hitting interview.

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