Jul 10, 2017 @ 14:15

University of the Philippines sociology professor Randy David has expressed dismay on the Supreme Court for giving President Rodrigo Duterte the inexperienced mild to declare martial law nationwide by saying he has absolutely the proper to decide its territorial scope.

In his July 9 column for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, David stated it was “dangerous” for the SC to say that it’s not geared up “to determine the strategical value of other places in the military’s efforts to quell the rebellion and restore peace.”

David stated the SC’s admission and declaration that “there is no constitutional edict that martial law should be confined only in the particular place where the armed public uprising actually transpired” means the President can lengthen the declaration of martial law nationwide if the army stated some terrorists have been noticed past Mindanao.

“I submit that this is a virtual surrender of the Court’s review powers, a shameful abdication of its essential constitutional fuction with regard to martial law,” the professor stated concerning the SC ruling.

While David acknowledged that not one of the abuses that occurred underneath dictator Ferdinand Marcos is going on now, he stated one can’t take probabilities concerning the risks martial law poses “particularly since the Commander in Chief himself has the tendency to express a perverse acceptance of such abuses when speaking to the troops.”

Source: politics.com.ph