A death of a prosecutor in Caloocan City was featured in U.S based mostly newspaper Washington Times. But the man claimed by the newspaper as one in every of the casualties of President Duterte’s War on Drugs is still posting on social media.

Darwin Cañete was featured in an American newspaper article about the War on Drugs of President Rodrigo Duterte.

According to the article, the corpse of Darwin Cañete, a 20 12 months previous man grew to become one in every of the casualties of the anti-illegal drug operation of the Philippine National Police in Caloocan.

But Darwin Cañete proved that he’s still alive by sharing the article of the newspaper the place he was featured on his Facebook account.

He additionally urged his mates to not ask the newspaper to appropriate the article as a result of he discovered it hilarious.

Cañete even made a joke about his death on the newspaper.

His good friend and columnist Jojo Robles reacted on the article, calling it ‘bizarre’.

Robles additionally defined that Cañete was the one who usually referred to as upon to carry out inquest of drug-related crimes in the metropolis of Caloocan.

The post of Robles gave an thought to the Netizens that the journalist who written the article mistakenly thought that Cañete who performing an inquest throughout that evening was one in every of the casualties.

Source: classifiedtrends