Former TV5 broadcaster Cherie Mercado has stop her job as spokesperson of the Department of Transportation (DOTr).

In a prolonged Facebook post, Mercado mentioned she needed to resign as a result of she couldn’t stability her time for her household with the demands of her job.

While she beloved her work, Mercado mentioned the time she needed to spend on the job has led to issues in her household.

“I saw my daughters fighting, grades going down, my seeds of teaching respect slowly forgotten, spending too much time on the iPad. They could be having seizures beside me and I might not notice because work is constantly demanding my time and attention,” she mentioned.

“My husband was supportive all throughout but I know he was feeling my absence,” Mercado added.

Overwhelmed by guilt, the former Kapatid newscaster mentioned she additionally fell sick: experiencing complications, myalgia and sleepless nights.

Mercado mentioned her determination to stop was a “tough” one.

“I tried for the last few months to balance, but I failed. And then I knew it was time to choose,” she mentioned.