Anakbayan University of the Philippines-Cebu claimed that the members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines have been spying inside the mentioned campus to conduct a surveillance on a number of scholar activist.

On Tuesday, Anakbayan UP Cebu Facebook web page posted a photograph of a uniformed soldier, strolling beside the freeway and the militant group claimed that the soldier entered the campus premises.

They mentioned that the soldier disguised of withdrawing cash from an computerized teller machine inside the campus and so they believed that the soldier entered the college space to assemble intelligence in regards to the actions of the scholars.

To show their accusation, they claimed that a witness noticed the soldier withdrawing solely 100 pesos on the ATM machine and rapidly left.

“Military elements were spotted in UP Cebu this afternoon. In the guise of withdrawing money from the ATM inside the campus, these AFP personnel are shamelessly attempting to conduct a lowkey surveillance on UP students.” Anakbayan UP Cebu Facebook web page wrote.

“According to witnesses, they withdrew only a hundred pesos and left after riding a police patrol car.”


Source: pinoytrending