Magdalo Representative Gary Alejano needed to change the name of the Philippines by making a fee ‘to conduct a comprehensive study for an appropriate name that we shall call our nation’

The Magdalo consultant believed that if the nation wants to be ‘truly independent’, the name our nation Philippines, which derived from the King Philip II of Spain in the 16th century should be rename to throw away the bonds of colonialism.

Andres Bonifacio and former President Ferdinand Marcos tried to
hange the name of the Philippines.
And now Rep. Gary Alejano can also be pushing the renaming of the name of the nation

House Bill 5867, or An Act Constituting a Geographic Renaming Commission to Rename Our Country, was filed by Rep. ALejano on June 7.

Alejano mentioned that the nation ought to establish a name suits to the values and self dedication of the Filipinos and cease utilizing the name given by the Spanish Colonizers. He additionally mentioned that the time has come for the Philippines to develop into impartial.

“If we want to be truly independent, then we should throw away the bonds of colonialism by establishing our own national identity. For our country to move forward, we should identify a name for our country that genuinely reflects our national aspirations, a name that signifies our values and self-determination,” mentioned Alejano in a press launch on Sunday.

“While many other nations who were formerly under colonial yoke have reverted back to their former pre-colonized name as it gives them a sense of national pride and identity as free people, we opted to retain the name given by our Spanish colonizers. It is high time for our country to experience a sense of being and independence by choosing a name that reflects our character, our values, as a people, and as a nation,” he added.

The proposed fee by Alejano would have representatives from National Historical Commission, National Commission for Culture and the Arts and Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino. The fee can be given ₱30-M from the national price range.

Since the outdated instances, a number of individuals tried to change the name of the Philippines, together with Andres Bonifacio who prompt to name the nation as “Haring Bayang Katagalugan” and former President Ferdinand Marcos who supported a home invoice mandating the nation’s renaming to “Maharlika”

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