English political commentator and expert Adam Garrie praised President Rodrigo Duterte and labeled him as the ‘best President that the Philippines has ever had’ for doing his best so his nation won’t ever be handled like a colony once more.

In his article in “The Duran”, Garrie praised ‘uniquely patriotic’ President Rodrigo Duterte’s ironclad management in the Philippines.

“Duterte wants dignity, freedom and safety for his country. He isa uniquely patriotic and devoted individual who deserves support.” Garrie stated in the article titled “PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENCE DAY: Duterte is the best President in the nation’s historical past  that he wrote on Monday.

He narrated how the Philippines turned dependent to the colonizers and regardless of of being absolutely impartial, the nation nonetheless relied on a relationship with America.

But now, Garrie stated that Philippines has now a ‘strongly independent President’ who wished his nation to be not handled like a colony of any nation and wouldn’t settle for any support with circumstances’

” President Rodrigo Duterte has pursued a international coverage impartial of US edicts and one which disregards the neo-clonial angle of US funded NGOs.” Garrie wrote.

The political expert additionally believed that President Rodrigo Duterte declared warfare in Mindanao not as a result of he wished warfare with the Moros, however as a result of he wished a long-lasting peace in the southern island of the Philippines.

He additionally believed that the Islamic State already knew how President Rodrigo Duterte attempting to destroy unlawful medication in the Philippines that made the IS so anxious.

“ISIS also knew that if Duterte was successful in crushing the violent drugs trade in Philippines, they would be deprived of a major source of revenue, generated from the cultivation, sale and trafficking of drugs.” he stated.

Garrie additionally expressed his concern how the U.S army entered the battlefield in Marawi with out informing President Rodrigo Duterte, he stated “It is a deeply harmful situation if army commanders in Philippines are performing unilaterally, with out the permission not to mention consent of their President”

The political commentator additionally stated that the folks and the lawmakers should help their President amid the time of disaster in Mindanao.

“The very independence celebrated on the 12th of June is better represented by Duterte than any previous Philippine leader in the modern age,” he stated.

“President Rodrigo Duterte wants for his people that which a subservient post-colonial/neo-colonial attitude could never possibly achieve: dignity,” he added.

Garrie additionally stated that President Rodrigo Duterte understands the ‘modern realities of a multi-polar world’ and he added that ‘it is not real looking in the 21st century for an East Asian nation to proceed to behave as a post-colonial satellite tv for pc of declining American energy,”

He additionally stated that forming new regional partnership along with China which nearer to Philippines than the United States is ‘essential’

Garrie additionally believed that President Rodrigo Duterte nonetheless prepared to work with America on vital points after he stated that he has a superb relationship with the new President of U.S Donald Trump. But he stated that President Rodrigo Duterte doesn’t wish to the Philippines to be handled by Americans as slave.

“President Duterte is a man uniquely moved by a patriotic purpose and uniquely guided by the hand of destiny. If his plans are embraced, Philippines stands the real chance to enter into a new, more peaceful and more prosperous age. If Duterte is rejected, the Philippine people will have rejected their best chance at achieving true independence in every sense: political, military, economic and even spiritual,” he stated

On this present day, one should rejoice not solely achievements of the Philippine previous however the prospects of a greater Philippine future, a future which Duterte can information the nation in direction of higher than any of his rivals.” he added.

Source: The Duran




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