Senator Leila de Lima has shot down claims by a few of her colleagues that charges of mass homicide raised towards President Rodrigo Duterte with the International Criminal Court (ICC) wouldn’t prosper.

De Lima described *s “solid” the communication filed by Sabio towards Duterte and his senior officers named co-respondents within the alleged crimes towards humanity by means of mass homicide or extrajudicial executions. De Lima mentioned the case would lastly make Duterte and his minions accountable for the horrific crimes being dedicated earlier than eyes of the Filipino individuals and the world, she mentioned.

“Far from what others claim, the complaint is not black propaganda or a political ploy to oust the President. Instead, it is a formal complaint lodged before the ICC because the Filipino people have already been alarmed, to say the least, about the continued daily killings in the Philippines,” the senator mentioned.

That’s why, she mentioned, it didn’t come as a shock to her to be taught of the submitting of the case towards Duterte and 11 different key authorities officers.

The detained senator, who initially presided over the Senate inquiry on alleged extrajudicial killings (EJKs) led to by the Duterte administration’s struggle on medicine, backed the grievance.

“It’s solidly based on verified and verifiable documentary and testimonial pieces of evidence – more than the journalistic anecdotes – on the complicity of the President and his officials in orchestrating, encouraging and perpetuating the culture of impunity in the killing of suspected drug offenders and innocent civilians, including women and children,” she mentioned.

De Lima insisted that there actual witnesses who risked their very own lives and that of their households to return ahead and testify in regards to the supposed fact.

A variety of points cited within the 77-page complaint-communication filed by lawyer Jude Sabio had been lifted from printed information articles.

“I call on the honorable judges of the ICC to heed the Filipino people’s pleas. These killings must stop now and those who allowed the perpetration of these crimes against humanity must be investigated and tried in the world’s court for the sake of the thousands of victims of extrajudicial and summary killings and their widows and orphaned children,” she mentioned.