President Rodrigo Duterte has relocated two of his closest and most loyal police officers from Davao City to Camp Crame to make sure that he may micromanage the implementation of the Davao Death Squad-style in the Philippine National Police’s war on medication.

In the grievance filed with the International Criminal Court on the Hague, Netherlands, Jude Josue Sabio, lawyer of self-confessed hitman Edgar Matobato, claimed that Duterte was directing the course of his brutal drug war via two trusted lieutenants –
Superintendent Edilberto Leonardo and Superintendent Royina Garma.

Sabio cited Leonardo and Garma as proof that Duterte was personally concerned in the additional judicial killings below his drug war.

Sabio included Leonardo and Garma among the many respondents in the case as a result of “they were the one who were actually overseeing the different DDS-style police operations in the war on drugs.” Sabio stated PNP Chief Bato dela Rosa was conscious that Duterte had chosen Leoanrdo and Garma to handle and supervise the DDS-style operations