Saab Magalona, daughter of the legendary rapper Francis Magalona appears already pissed with the complicated statements of President Rodrigo Duterte and his males.

Her collection of tweets in opposition to the present administration warfare on medication and to Duterte himself ended up in calling the President ‘disgusting’ and Duterte’s defender as ‘irritating’

The twitter warfare began when Saab Magalona posted screenshots of headlines 5 days in the past. The first one was the current assertion of PNP Director General Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa” that Duterte by no means ordered or informed the PNP to kill folks.

The subsequent pictures that he posted have been headlines about Duterte proving that he truly stated it.

Twitter person @kimpinocchio, tried to clarify to Magalona that the mainstream media may misquoted the President to make him look unhealthy.

However, Neil Cabudoc @ironcab, replied to @kimpinocchio and defined that the President actually acknowledged that and it was captured by video.

In her subsequent tweet, Saab Magalona appears being irked by the remark made by Twitter person @PawieSharpei who reiterated that the fourth screenshot that the celeb posted was the assertion of President Duterte that stated ‘was likely in jest’

In her tweet, she requested the lord to present her energy as she was already getting irritated with the Duterte supporters.

She adopted her assertion by replying in her second tweet, she stated: “I mean, shall we ignore the other headlines?! Lahat nalang joke. Kadiri”

Because of those tweets, Saab Magalona, gained some web enemies on Twitter, a few of them informed her to close up.

But she gained an increasing number of criticisms from the Duterte supporters as her tweet in opposition to President Rodrigo Duterte already reached Facebook.

Because of the assaults and threats that she acquired from the Duterte supporters, she tweet once more at present concerning the problem and fought again on the individuals who attacked her on the web.

Saab Magalona, who needed to show that she’s not intimidated by the criticisms that she acquired, she criticized President Duterte once more and name it disgusting.

She welcomed the threats and insults from the Duterte supporters, so she have extra motive to name the administration gross.

Magalona additionally stated that nobody would silence her.

Despite of getting some new enemies, she additionally acquired assist from the twitter customers who day by day criticized President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration.

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Source: classifiedtrends