Rosita Caballero is one in every of the final “kept maidens” of the Panay Bukidnon tribe. Photo by Daryl John Santos

One of the final identified “kept maidens” or “binukot” of the Iloilo area of the Philippines has died at the age of 73.

Rosita Caballero spent her childhood in complete isolation — never leaving her household dwelling and even seeing the sun — until her wedding day.

This custom, practised by the Panay Bukidnon tribe, leads to frail, fine-complexioned and long-haired ladies who can command a better dowry from future suitors.

It can be a way of passing on tribal information. During her years of seclusion, the binukot could be taught the legends, songs and dances of the tribe by her elder family members.

This information would give the binukot a excessive standing — virtually akin to royalty — in the tribe, mirrored by the undeniable fact that she could be carried on a hammock to ensure her ft didn’t contact the floor.

Indeed, in line with anthropologist Nancy Deocades, who studied the follow, one binukot mentioned that her ft bled when she first tried to stroll on the floor.

Despite this frailty, they’re anticipated to grasp the tribe’s ‘binanog dance’, which intently imitates the actions of the hawk and places the lady firmly in charge. The male accomplice is anticipated to observe the steps of the lady.

The follow is believed to persist in some distant villages, however has more and more fallen out of favour as a consequence of the expense and options that it quantities to youngster abuse.

Mrs Caballero grew to become ailing a number of weeks in the past. At first her household thought she had stomach-ache from consuming an excessive amount of pineapple, however they later found she had kidney stones, a gallbladder rupture and hepatitis.

Her death on July 23 was introduced this week, simply days earlier than the nation is ready to mark National Indigenous People’s Day on August 9.

Source: philippineslifestyle