Jul 25, 2017 @ 15:38

Detained Sen. Leila de Lima on Tuesday pitied Filipinos for having to endure the two-hour speech of President Rodrigo Duterte in his second State of the Nation Address (SONA).

De Lima stated Duterte’s speech epitomized the true state of the nation: “A country ruled by a murderer drunk with power, and 100 million helpless, pitiful subjects unable to escape from a nightmare.”

De Lima stated Filipinos have higher issues to do than being “subjected to the verbal abuse and pointless ramblings of a madman.” He known as Duterte the “country’s biggest traitor” for bringing shame to Filipinos and the Philippines.

“DO you think you even have the moral values and credible standing, after that garbage of a speech you have unloaded before us and the foreign diplomatic corps?” she requested.

“Wala ka nang tinirang kahihiyan para sa ating bayan sa harap ng buong mundo. Tila yata ang iyong sadya ay walanghiyain nang walang katapusan ang Pilipinas sa ibang bansa,” she stated.

Source: politics.com.ph