Aug 17, 2017 @ eight:45

President Rodrigo Duterte continues to be bent on successful the conflict on medicine even when he mentioned he can’t remedy the narcotics downside inside his time period.

In a speech on the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption’s 19th anniversary Wednesday (August 16), Duterte reiterated his oft-repeated menace to kill all drug pushers.

“So I will be able to solve the problem. Patayin ko lang ‘yan lahat. But how about the next generation? Eh ‘di talagang mag-wala ako,” he mentioned.

“You can prosecute me after or now, whatever. You can assassinate me. But it do not really help unless we are all — like persuasion na tapusin talaga natin ito for the next generation,” Duterte added.

The President earlier mentioned his time period isn’t sufficient to unravel the nation’s drug menace, citing the United States for instance of a rustic the place narcotics continues to be an issue.

Duterte, nonetheless, mentioned the nation will likely be “far worse” if he didn’t win.

“‘Yung mga gunggong diyan na sinasabi na hindi kaya. Sabi, ‘Hindi pala niya kaya.’ Kung kayo ilagay dito sa lugar ko. Eh ako mismo ang nag-uutos ng patayan, hindi ko nga kaya, kayo pang mga… Huwag na tayong mag-drama dito. You will be far worse than what you have now,” he mentioned.