Former University of the Philippines (UP) Socius president Michelle Callanta Toledo, wrote an open letter for the individuals who criticized the appointment of superstar blogger Mocha Uson as Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) assistant secretary.

Toledo criticized the critics of Mocha on the web who largely are millennials for ‘demeaning, belittling and made fun’ of the career chosen by the superstar blogger.

The former UP Socius President wrote that she revered the individuals who don’t agree with the President’s resolution to nominate Mocha as PCOO.

“You don’t have to love Mocha Uson and the remainder of the Mocha Girls. You don’t should agree with the President’s resolution to nominate her for the PCOO. You don’t should hearken to what she has to say or observe her model of running a blog or model of writing,” Toledo wrote.

But she believes utilizing the [email protected] and career of Mocha Uson to assault her in individual doesn’t makes them a ‘better candidate to be PCOO Asec or simply a better human being altogether’

“But please don’t think that by demeaning her livelihood, by making fun of her profession, by belittling her honest means to make a living (because in case you all have forgotten, dancing and gyrating on stage or talking freely about [email protected] ISN’T illegal you hypocritical prudes), by using her [email protected] and career choice to attack her person makes YOU a better candidate to be PCOO Asec or simply a better human being altogether,” she wrote.

Mocha Uson after being appoint as PCOO assistant secretary obtained large quantity of ‘below the belt’ assaults from the netizens who hates her.

Some even mentioned that Mocha Uson seduced the President to nominate her as assistant secretary of the workplace who holds media affairs of the Malacañang.

“Would you say the same about a woman who works the stripper poles just to feed her kids? Or dances topless in order to pay for night school?” Michelle Toledo requested the critics of Mocha Uson.

Toledo mentioned that Mocha needed to vary herself and she solely needed to serve the individuals. She additionally urged the netizens to support what Mocha needed and cease shaming and hating her.

“The woman wants to make a difference. Desires a life that doesn’t just service her audience but a life of servitude to the people. She isn’t perfect for sure. But who are you to make her feel like she doesn’t deserve to dream and better herself or to serve what she feels is a higher purpose?” she mentioned.

“Instead of hating on her, why don’t you all just help her? Instead of shaming her, why don’t you encourage her?” she added.

In the final half of her post, Toledo blasted the crabs and the pretend feminist who chosen to hate and disgrace Mocha Uson regardless of of the modified that she’s doing in her life.

“F*cking crabs and fake feminists all around, shame on all of you. If my daughter were ever put in a position where she felt she needed to be a “racy dancer” to make a dwelling, properly I can solely hope that she be the perfect goddamned [email protected] dancer this world has ever seen and in her spare time, rule this complete social media business and create an empire to do good… one of the best ways she is aware of how,” she wrote.

“I will trust her heart to do that.” she added

Last week, Mocha Uson was appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte as assistant secretary of the PCOO.

The appointment of Mocha received the eye of the mainstream media who criticized by Mocha Uson and accused of writing malicious articles about President Rodrigo Duterte.

Mocha Uson was additionally criticized by the individuals who questioned her functionality to deal with the media affairs of the Malacañang.

Even the Binibining Pilipinas Miss International 2017 Mariel De Leon criticized the appointment of Mocha Uson, however later apologized after receiving criticisms from the supporters of Mocha and President Rodrigo Duterte.

But President Rodrigo Duterte personally defended his resolution to nominate Mocha Uson and he believes that the superstar blogger should received the glory that she deserved.

Mocha mentioned that she thought-about the criticisms that she obtained as ‘challenge’ to work tougher in her new job as PCOO assistant secretary.


Source: pinoytrending