Caloocan Assistant City Prosecutor Darwin Cañete, earlier than his Facebook account received mysteriously deactivated, posted a few of his a number of findings on the case of Kian Loyd Delos Santos, the 17 12 months previous senior highschool scholar and alleged drug courier who killed by the authorities a number of days in the past in a ‘one time, big time’ operation within the stated metropolis.

Cañete who inspected the useless physique of Kian Loyd personally after the anti-drug operation by the cops, posted a number of of his findings that will show that the 17 12 months previous boy will not be a sufferer of extrajudicial killing.

These are the final posts of Darwin Cañete after learning the case of Kian Loyd:

1. There’s a risk that the shabu taken in Kian Loyd’s possession will not be planted.

Photo: Darwin Cañete/SOCO

Prosecutor Cañete posted a photograph from the SOCO and identified the pores and skin markings on the facet of Kian Loyd’s physique slightly below the garter of his printed boxers. According to him, if the shabu was not planted, it is not going to go away these marks on the pores and skin.

2. Parents of Kian Loyd refuse to have post-mortem carried out to the physique of the 17 12 months previous boy.

Cañete confirmed that the dad and mom of Kian Loyd declined the post mortem examination to the physique of the 17 12 months previous boy. Autopsying the physique of Delos Santos is likely one of the methods to show if the boy was actually tortured by the authorities like what the witnesses claimed.

However, the SOCO photographs confirmed that Kian Loyd physique have been no marks of bodily abuse.

three. Kian Loyd is presumably not the person on the viral CCTV video.

According to Cañete, there’s a risk that Kian will not be the person on the CCTV footage as a result of the colour of the t-shirt and the decrease clothes aren’t the identical. The CCTV footage was additionally recorded an hour earlier than the incident. It is very possible that it’s not linked to Kian’s case.

The Caloocan PNP additionally stated that the person on the video is their asset.

four. The cops possessed the cellphone of Kian Loyd that can show that he’s a drug courier.

According to Caloocan PNP, they received the cellphone of Kian Loyd which contained textual content messages between the 17 12 months previous boy, his provider and their shoppers. They are able to current it if required to the individuals who want to examine the case.

Because of those Facebook post, Senator Franklin Drilon urged the Department of Justice to ‘immediately remove’ Cañete from the case investigation of Kian Loyd due to his ‘hostility’ towards the sufferer.

“The risk of prejudice is too great in the case of Cañete and this behooves the secretary of justice to intervene, if he is intent on fulfilling his job of administering justice in the country,” Drilon stated in an announcement on Sunday, August 20.

“The case is seriously prejudiced by Cañete. His frame of mind and line of reasoning are very disturbing. We must never tolerate such behavior of a fiscal that imperils the administration of justice in the country,” The senator from Iloilo stated.

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