Jul 22, 2017 @ 12:53

President Rodrigo Duterte believes he doesn’t want martial regulation if he have been bent on changing into a dictator.

In a speech earlier than businessmen in Davao City, Duterte slammed as “brainless” and “cowards” those that warn that his request to lengthen martial regulation will lead to a dictatorship.

“You know, if I want to be a dictator, all I have to do is to be in good graces with the military and the police. All I have to do is to promote them all to general, and I can have an army. When I have the backing of the army and the police, that s*** of paper called martial law powers’ is really nothing,” he mentioned.

Duterte mentioned he can comply with the “template” set by the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos if he wished to delay his keep in energy.

Despite asking for an extension of martial regulation in Mindanao, Duterte mentioned it’s pointless if the nation’s welfare is at stake.

“When it has something to do with my country, wala na ‘yang martial law, martial law suspension dito. I will do everything that I have to do to preserve my country. Do not give me that Constitution na puro ‘yung Congress na — you think that I would have to go to Congress? Of course not,” he mentioned.

The Senate and House of Representatives are at present discussing Duterte’s request for extending martial regulation till December 31 in a particular joint session Saturday (July 22).
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