Jul 29, 2017 @ 10:03

Solicitor General Jose Calida has vowed to steer the compelled eviction of the Ruvino-Prieto owned Sunvar Realty from the from the two.9-hectare Mile Long property.

“I will personally lead the ejectment of all tenants and Sunvar,” assured Calida in a press convention Friday.

“If they resist, we will use force to oust them out,” he pressured.

With the case in opposition to Sunvar pending in court docket, Calida mentioned he’ll give Sunvar to adjust to the legislation.

“They sttill have, they can choose: first, comply in accordance with the law; or peacefully vacate,” he mentioned.

“If they want trouble, we will give them trouble,” he added.

Calida defined Sunvar’s lease settlement with the federal government over the property has expired on December 2002 since occupying it on February 1982.

Source: politics.com.ph