President Duterte’s fondness of US President Donald Trump might result in higher bilateral relations between the 2 international locations, which have been severed by the Philippine president’s earlier statements in opposition to the US in relation to the human rights issues issued the State Department on his drug campaign.

“ I think we’re headed for something that is very… an understanding platform for both countries. You see, Donald Trump is a realist. He is a guy who knows what is real, what is not, and he does not engage in theories. And even in the matter of human rights, he takes into account everything,” Duterte mentioned in a briefing in Myanmar final Sunday night time (March 19, 2017).

“That the view of the United States and the rest of maybe the EU countries are far different from the Orientals. And they are… at face value, what they are now saying is that do you want everybody to follow,” he mentioned.

Duterte had earlier mimicked Trump over the latter’s help for his drug struggle when the chief govt talked and congratulated Trump on the cellphone after his victory final 12 months.