It would take a while for presidency troops to neutralize violent extremists in Marawi City on account of President Duterte’s order keep away from collateral harm.

The President, in an interview with reporters in Cagayan de Oro final Saturday night time (June three), mentioned he may ship navy planes to blast off the armed teams however will not take the choice to stop civilian casualties.

“Sa totoo lang, were it not because government is bound by rules and the values of civilization, I can end this war in 24 hours. Alam mo, bombahan ko lang lahat ‘yan, I have 10 new jets. All I have to do is to bomb the whole place and level it to the ground,” he mentioned.

“But since we are in a civilized society and we are a member of the United Nations and of the Geneva Convention Protocol, nahihirapan ako and we had to do it to the least maximum damage of collaterals lalo na civilian,” he mentioned.

Since the federal government desires to verify no civilian is damage, he mentioned troops should interact in shut battle with the phobia suspects in Marawi.

“We have to you know, align our shots against the enemy. We cannot just press the trigger of a machinegun and just say, ‘to whom it may concern, pasensya na kayo.’ Kailangan na wala talagang dapat mamatay na civilian and that is making it hard for us kaya ganon. We have to get close to the target and to be precise in — with our shots,” he mentioned.