President Rodrigo Duterte might end the federal government offensive in opposition to the terrorist Maute group in a day if he didn’t have to consider the welfare of residents nonetheless trapped in Marawi City.

Facing the media after visiting two Japanese warships docked at Subic Bay, Duterte mentioned he would have wished to drop bombs throughout Marawi City to explode the terrorists.

“I can end this war in 24 hours. All I have to do is to order the Air Force to release all their bombs and their arsenal and their ordnance. And I will level everything down there on the ground,” he mentioned.

“But I cannot do that. We are a government bound by civilized rules,” Duterte added.

Even as the federal government is set to complete off the Maute group, the President mentioned he has to tread fastidiously in the battle since having civilian casualties is the “last thing” he needs.

“Dahan-dahan ka, you have to go to the mountains and make sure that nobody is behind or on the side to do some collateral damage,” he mentioned.

Duterte mentioned the federal government can be thought of a loser even if it succeeds in neutralizing the Maute group ought to there be a lot of civilian casualties.

“If we kill a lot of civilians, more than the rebels, we lose the fight because we lose the moral ascendancy, because it seems that we do not care about lives, about human rights and all,” he mentioned.

Government forces have been preventing members of the Maute group in Marawi City since May 23. While the Armed Forces mentioned they’ve already taken management of 90 % of the town, the remaining 10 % continues to be the terrorists’ stronghold, with some civilians trapped inside their properties.