The propagandists’ goal is to make one set of individuals overlook that sure different units of individuals are human – Aldous Huxley

Every creature is better alive than useless, males and moose and pine bushes, and he who understands it aright will quite protect its life than destroy it – Henry David Thoreau

President Rodrigo Duterte stated the Philippines ought to carve its personal path in fixing its drug issues quite than heed the Western values being imposed by human rights advocates essential of his hard-line strategy in coping with drug addicts and pushers.

In a speech in Saudi Arabia, Duterte defended his coverage of “destroying” drug addicts and pushers whom he known as “animals” for having no qualms about destroying society with their heinous crimes whereas rubbishing human rights advocates from the United States and Europe for condemning his take no prisoners strategy within the on-going drug warfare.

“By what universal right do you impose, patayin mo ang anak ko, rape-in mo sinong huwag muna ‘yan forget about human rights, forget about the law. By what equation in this universe do you have the right to destroy the life of the person?” stated Duterte.

“That is simple justice huwag na ‘yan mga philosophy diyan mga—(Henry David) Thoreau at si (Aldous) Huxley about death and life and crime and punishment. Never mind about that they’re all philosophers,” he added.

Duterte stated Western international locations do not need the ethical excessive floor to evangelise to him in regards to the morality of saving a life even whether it is an evil one.

“They are imposing they’re own morality and the values when after all sila ‘yung nag-una dito. What made them rich? They invaded the Middle east and divided in two countries It was oil and they getting it almost for free from the Middle East. That is why I said they have legitimate … kaya tayo rin,” stated Duterte.

He stated the blood of hundreds of thousands of Filipinos flowed beneath the merciless administration of the Spaniards and Americans for 450 years. “Kaya ako may sama talaga ng loob ko rin. Tapos ito sila ngayon, ‘yung ngayon ang mahirap diyan,” stated Duterte.

“Sinabi ko do not destroy the Philippines, because I will destroy you. Prangka-prangkahan tayo. Do not render this our sons and daughters kasi gawain kitang inutil. Pasabugin ko lang spinal mo niyan oh, wheel chair bound na buhay mo—ibigay ko sayo ‘yung gusto mo. Maski saan tayo magkita puta sampalin kita. E di kung matangkad, matangkad ba ‘yan sila suntukin ko ‘yung bayag nila,” stated Duterte.