The death of Ozamiz City former Mayor Reynaldo “Parojinog” and 14 others bought combined reactions from the Mindanaoans who’re acquainted with the household who thought of as ‘untouchable’ for years.

Some of them rejoiced the death of the politician whereas the others particularly from the Ozamiz had been nonetheless shocked and unhappy for what occurred to their mayor.

But a few of them even rejoiced the death of their personal mayor like what this netizen mentioned.

She thanked the CIDG and PNP and congratulated them for what they completed yesterday.

The netizen described how the Parojinogs turned untouchables by the fingers of regulation and the way the individuals of Ozamiz feared them.

“I’m from Ozamiz. Thanks to PNP CIDG congratulations. Thanks Tatay Digong for struggle on medicine. Tha Parojinogs lorded over Ozamiz as untouchables by the fingers of regulation since time immemorial. So terrifying their names had been hesitant to point out explicitly their names at the same time as college students finding out so far as Central Visayas.

The dreaded Kuratong Baleleng, the place Lacson was as soon as charged of rubout, hailed from their turf and their attain was huge and deep that it was reckoned they might give MILF a run for their cash in gun battle.

I had seen Aldong cried on TV when Digong talked about him included in his listing and it was then I do know their good ‘ole’ days had been over” She mentioned.

Netizen Zy Rus, rejoiced the death of Mayor Parojinog and described what occurred yesterday as the beginning of the rebuilding of Ozamiz City.


Nexie Roldan from Davao, mentioned that she was amazed that some individuals had been even sympathized to the death of Mayor Parojinogs even it’s clearly reported that the politician fought the serving officers.

“Napaka amazing kasi may mga naaawa sa kanila kasi pinatay sila. Nanlaban naman sila! Namatayan nga ang raiding team ng PNP kasi lumaban. Jusko! Itong mga ibang pinoy!! Somobra na.” Nexie mentioned.

Edgieelit Beronio-Pajarillo from Cagayan De Oro reacts on the death of Mayor Parojinog and she or he mentioned that regardless of of the warning of President Duterte, the Parojinogs didn’t took the chance to take away their hyperlink to unlawful medicine.

“Pag upo pa lang ni PRRD ay sinabihan na sila na mag bago pero binaliwala lang nila un.. sobrang taong chance na pwedeng mag bago pero binaliwala! At isa pa, ama/mayor ka sa isang lugar tapos ikaw mismo ang nagpapasimuno sa druga? Omg” Edgielit mentioned.

Jahane Cube Ong from Iligan mentioned that President Rodrigo Duterte proved to the yellows that poor individuals weren’t solely the goal in struggle on medicine.

“Yellows kept on pointing out that only poor died on PRRD’ war on drugs. Now, napatunayan na hindi lang talaga pobre” Jehane mentioned.

Richard G. Aranao from Ozamiz, labeled what occurred tomorrow because the ‘new beginning of Ozamiz’.

“The Beginning of a “New Ozamis City, Ozamis, Philippines” will likely be rising quickly” he mentioned

Maria Victoria Abucay expressed her happiness for the death of Parojinog saying that the ‘long time decade of drug lords’ within the mentioned metropolis already ended.

Roxanne, a Ozamiznon mentioned that she saved dreaming that sometime, the reign of the drug lords in Ozamiz City ends and now it already occurred.

“Good job, I’ve been dreaming my hometown Ozamiz City will destroy this druglords since 2003, salute to all CIDG and PNP. Long live Ozamiz City.” she mentioned.

Daye Anne, mentioned that the death of Mayor Parojinog is nice information and advised the individuals who have no idea the true state of affairs in Ozamiz to shut up. She mentioned that the death of the politician from Ozamiz are nonetheless not sufficient cost to give justice for the individuals their victimized.

“It’s very good news to hear! Those people who do not know Ozamiz & neighboring place of Misamis Occidental you better SHUT UP! Their lives are not enough para bayaran lahat ng buhay na sinira ng pamilyang DRUGLORDS na yan! Kulang pa yan na kabayaran sa lahat ng sinira nilang buhay! Wala nang power ang ibang druglords ngayon sa Misamis Occidental! Mabuhay ka President Duterte at mga hindi bayaran pulis na tumugis! Isali mo pa yung ibang Mayor na Druglords din sa aming lugar!” Daye mentioned.

Ruth Buenaventura Afdal from who grew up in Ozamiz City recounted how her mates referred to as her hometown because the “City of Drugs and Stones” due to the alleged rampant unlawful drug commerce within the mentioned metropolis. She was unhappy for the death of their mayor, however she consider that what occurred yesterday was a part of the ‘change’ promised by President Duterte.

“Grew up in ozamiz city ever since Mayor Parojinog was the mayor, i always get other people telling me ‘ah taga ozamiz ka, city of drugs and stones’. now i am in complete shock because they were also family friend. i am a DDS pero sakit pala to know one of the people you knew died from war on drugs. Walang pabor pabor kay Duterte. RIP Mayor Parojinog. change has really come” she mentioned.

Roel Dela Cerna additionally recounted how the Parojinogs had been recognized throughout 90’s as alleged unlawful medicine merchants. He mentioned that what occurred yesterday is an proof that the present administration is critical in eradicating drug menace within the nation.

“I love it really! When i was 8years old, during 90’s well-known na kaayo ang Parojinog, for being a narco-politics and dala-dala tawn ang Ozamis. Karon kita na ninyo how serious this administration in eradicating this drug menace. Good job PNP! Careful lang kay daghan pana sila mga galamay.” he mentioned.

Cali Calamba from Pagadian City, mentioned that even because the outdated instances, the Parojinogs had been already generally known as drug lords in Mindanao. He additionally mentioned that there’s no likelihood that the Parojinog cease their unlawful enterprise regardless of of the warnings from the present administration.

According to him, the Parojinogs deserved to die for what they did to the households they victimized.

“Hindi na yan sila mag babago.. ilang beses ng pinagsabihan/inawat na tumigil.. itong gobyerno natin ay gumawa lang ng aksyon alang alang sa mga matitinong tao.. yan sila.. mga masasamang elemento na hindi na dapat mabuhay pa.. ilang buhay na ang nasira dahil sa shabu? Kulang pang kabayaran ang buhay nila!” he mentioned.

“Suus.. hindi palang ako pinapanganak.. shabu na talaga ang negosyo nila.. dapat lang patayin.. kulang pang kabayaran ang buhay nila!” he added.

Arjun Ang Lee from Ozamiz mentioned that because the outdated instances, the Parojinog household already rumored as drug lords and after they elected as public officers, the drug commerce within the mentioned metropolis worsen.

“Haha matagal na silang nag da-drug trade since hindi pa sila naka upo sa serbesyo. At mas lumala ang pag tutulak nung naka upo na. Kasi sa ozamis ako pinanganak at lumaki. Matunog na pangalan nila.” he mentioned.

But a few of them had been saddened by the death of Mayor Parojinog and criticized the federal government for what occurred to their beloved mayor.

Elper Rollarata from Pagadian City, was saddened by what occurred to their Mayor. He recounted how he met Parojinog when he’s nonetheless finding out in Ozamiz City.

“Kawawa mayor namin.. sana hindi nalang nila pinatay.. na meet ko siya noong elementary at highschool palang ako noong sa ozamis pa ako nag aaral” he mentioned.

But a few of them criticized Elper for sympathizing to the death of Mayor Parojinog.

Nivram Solde, from Pagadian City was saddened by what the administration did to Mayor Parojinog. He mentioned that the individuals didn’t appreciated the great deeds of the late mayor and solely noticed his errors.

“Ang mga nakita ng tao ay yung drugs.. hindi nila nakita ang mga nagawang mabuti ni mayor aldong sa osamiz.. grabe maka pintas ng tao.. kayo kaya yung patayin?” he mentioned.

Nivram even mentioned that the Mayor can also be a sufferer of unlawful medicine.

But Nitz D. Badum advised Nivram that he didn’t know what he’s saying and defined that the drug lords usually are not victims of unlawful medicine.

“Nivram Soide ur so funny madam…u do not know what u are saying……Drug Lords are not the victims of drugs…They are making business out of drugs….Users are the victim of drugs…lawakan mo nga pag iisip mo!How many young lives ang pinatay ng dahil sa druga?alam mo ba or hindi?ilang lives ng young generations ang sinira ng druga?alam mo ba or hindi? ilang mga parents ang umiiyak dahil ang mga anak biktima sa druga?” she advised Nivram.

Nexie Roldan defined to Elper that the Aldong Parojinog fought the police officers who entered their compound yesterday. He referred to as the netizen a ‘fool’ and accused him of being a drug addict.

“@elper tumahimik ka! Panginoon pa ang nabanggit ng b***! Nanlaban nga.. paanong di babarilin? Tigilan muna kaka facebook mo kasi pinagkakalat mo lang yang kab***han mo! Baka adik karin at wala kanang ma bilhan ng shabu kaya sobrang b*** mo na!” Nexie advised Elper

Edgielit additionally slammed Elper for sympathizing to Parojinog’s death and she or he mentioned that if the Mayor of Ozamiz can go away the unlawful drug commerce if he wished to. She defined that the extra time that he’s nonetheless persevering with the unlawful drug commerce in Ozamiz, an increasing number of households will likely be destroyed.

“obrang taas na ang isang taon na chance para mag bago! Kung gusto talaga ng isang tao na mag bago, kahit isang buwan lang kayang kaya na.. the longer time na hindi pa siya magbabago the more lives at pamilya ang masisira at magkakagulo! So kailangan mong pumili, buhay ng druglord mo na mayor o mga buhay ng mga taga Ozamis na masisira dahil sa druga?” she advised Elmer.w


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