Former Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Solita “Mareng Winnie” Monsod is hopeful that the Supreme Court will carry out it’s position as a test and steadiness to the railroading of martial regulation within the nation.

‎In her Inquirer column, Monsod mentioned that Congress has develop into a “rubber stamp” of Malacanang for its failure to convene inside 24 hours after President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration of martial regulation in Mindanao to include the siege on Marawi City by the terrorist Maute group.

She famous that the 1987 Constitution was express in requiring Congress to convene “without need of a call” to forestall a repeat of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ ploy to shut down Congress and run the nation as one-man rule underneath martial regulation beginning in 1972.

“But now Congress, as a sign of its ‘trust’ in the President (notably Senators (Tito) Sotto and (JV) Ejercito, Speaker (Bebot) Alvarez, Senate President (Koko) Pimentel) and forgetting the system of checks and balances in our democracy, seems prepared to accept his action, even without convening or an explanation,” Monsod lamented.

“So what do we have? An executive and a rubber-stamp legislature with problems on upholding the rule of law? The Supreme Court, our last bastion: no rubber stamp, we hope‎,” she added.