Senator Risa Hontiveros thanked the scholars of St. Scholastica’s College-Manila for rallying towards the Duterte authorities which accused by sponsoring killing criminals.

In her official assertion launched on Tuesday, Hontiveros expressed her gratefulness to the ‘courage’ confirmed by the younger college students of the Roman Catholic faculty for girls to go outdoors their faculty and maintain placards condemning the federal government.

The #YouthResist rally held on July 18 was the response of the younger members of the federal government opposition towards President Rodrigo Duterte’s upcoming State of the Nation Address on Monday.

She additionally claimed that it’s already eight,000-12,000 individuals have been killed by the federal government regardless of of the numbers launched by the federal government that solely 2,000 had been confirmed killed throughout anti-drug operations.

Hontiveros stated that the federal government doesn’t take heed to the poor and full of pretend information and disinformation.

“That 8,000-12,000 people have been killed by the government’s bloody war on drugs, that this senseless campaign continues despite all the evidence, that murderers are rewarded with reinstatement to their government posts and even promotions; all the senseless death and tragedy is proof that our government does not listen. It does not listen to the poor.” Hontiveros stated.

“It kills the young and the poor. It does not respect the truth and democracy, it clouds them with fake news and disinformation. This is something we will not stand for.” She added.

She additionally stated that the millennials ‘will not be fooled by ‘ake news and information on social media’ and added that ‘social media is the domain of the millenials’

Hontiveros additionally instructed her followers on social media that they’re going to take again the democracy that the federal government stole from them.

“We will take back the democracy they are stealing from us. And we know this darkness will pass because you, the young have the light.” She stated.

Source: pinoytrending