Aug 30, 2017 @ 20:53

Senator Risa Hontiveros on Wednesday urged President Duterte to make a full disclosure of the alleged provide of the Marcos household to return to the federal government their alleged ill-gotten wealth.

“I call on Pres. Duterte to make public the full details of the proposal presented by the emissary of the Marcoses. The government must not exchange the people’s pursuit of justice for all the victims of martial law for a few gold bars like 30 pieces of silver,” she stated.

Hontiveros stated recovering the ill-gotten wealth was only one side in holding the Marcos household accountable for the atrocities dedicated in the course of the martial regulation regime.

“(By) saying that they are willing to return portions of the ill-gotten wealth means that they have it. And the wealth never belonged to them to begin with. Generations of Filipinos who suffered deserve more than crumbs from the table,” she stated.

“Without justice and accountability, without acknowledgement by the Marcoses of their colossal abuses against the people, any attempt to return mere portions of the ill-gotten wealth they amassed during Martial Law is a ploy to buy false credibility and further stain our history,” Hontiveros added.

The President’s pronouncements, coupled with the decision to abolish the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCG) don’t encourage confidence, she stated.

“ Quite the opposite, they arouse suspicion. That only some of the ill gotten wealth will be returned is obviously in favor of the Marcoses. The intention to abolish the very agency tasked to recover the nation’s stolen money is obviously an attempt to foster a culture of private arrangements or ‘areglo’ over transparency and accountability to the public. This simply must not stand,” the senator stated.