Jul 18, 2017 @ 14:51

Senator Gringo Honasan is trying ahead to the wedding of his daughter Kai to boyfriend Eco Del Rio.

Kai, a singer, not too long ago stated “yes” when her boyfriend popped the marital query throughout a dwell band session.

The senator welcomed the information, saying he’s desperate to escort his daughter down the wedding aisle.

“Kai, our baby. After everything I have done in my life in the name of country and everything I hold dear, without regret but always lessons learned; you have given me a compelling reason to ask God to allow me to live just a little longer to walk with you, Mama and everybody especially the APOs not only during special occasions, but after I am allowed by the Filipino People to finally go home. I love you all (now including Eco) more than my life,” Honasan stated on Instagram.

Source: politics.com.ph