Aug 18, 2017 @ 20:51

President Duterte could have​ rejected the ​provide of resignation by Bureau of Customs (BOC) ​chief Nicanor Faeldon thrice however it​ was ​not sufficient assurance that he’ll stay in his post, Sen. Richard Gordon ​stated ​on Friday​.​

“I can believe the story that he offered to resign three times but that is not an indication that the President will retain him,” Gordon stated.

“If the President does nothing, it is a bad signal that those in high position is not being disciplined, penalized, that no one is being held accountable regardless of the lapses committed,” he stated.

Gordon, ​chair of the Senate ​blue ribbon committee ​probing the P6.four billion value of smuggled shabu,​ stated they’ll strive to full the preliminary report by Sunday or Monday.

“I told him I’m not accusing him, I’m not yet even investigating him (on alleged) corruption (charges) but I said ‘you are way over your head’ and he does seem to be capable of doing it,” he stated, referring to the difficulty of addressing corruption and persevering with smuggling actions within the BOC.

“It’s not my desire but Senate President (Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III) desires the committee to provide you with it to assist the President resolve (on the difficulty),” he stated.