Aug 15, 2017 @ 19:37

Senator Dick Gordon on Tuesday turned off his “beast mode” button and was additional patient in dealing with Customs Commissioner Nick Faeldon’s tantrums.

Gordon, chair of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, yesterday continued the investigation on the smuggling of P6.Four-billion price of shabu from China.

Faeldon snubbed the question of Sen. Sonny Trillanes concerning the corruption on the Bureau of Customs. Faeldon is sore on the senator for saying that he’s “at the heart” of the shabu scandal.

“I have high respects to the Senate as an institution, to the chair and to all other members of the Senate. I will answer all your questions but to honorable Trillanes, I will not answer,” the BoC chief stated.

To which Gordon stated, “Well, I’m afraid it’s not your choice. Because other people can ask you questions and you have to answer them anyway. I appeal to you. I have to protect the institution.”

“I’m being patient. Sagutin mo na lang ‘yung tanong. Anyway, kung wala sa lugar ang tanong, I will intervene. P’wede ba? Ako na nakikiusap sa ‘yo. Sabi mo you respect the Senate, you respect the chairman. Nakikiusap ako sa ‘yo,” he instructed Faeldon.

“And I promised my wife I’m going to be patient. I will not raise my voice today. So, try not to make me raise my voice. Please,” Gordon stated.

When Faeldon nonetheless refused to budge, Gordon known as for a recess and talked to him personally. The senator finally managed to persuade the previous Marine captain to reply Trillanes’ query.