Global Peace Index ranked Philippines as the second most dangerous nation in the Asia-Pacific region in 2017, solely overwhelmed by Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea because of the Duterte administration’s conflict towards unlawful medication and criminality.

According to the Global Peace Index, the rating of the Philippines lowered due to President Rodrigo Duterte who vowed to kill criminals and drug merchants who destroyed the lives of harmless individuals.

“The Philippines’ overall score has deteriorated since new president Rodrigo Duterte took office in June 2016,” the Global Peace Index report stated.

China, Myanmar and Thailand are additionally entered the highest 5 of the most dangerous country in Asia-Pacific region.

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“A bloody war against drugs and crime has been extended nationwide, and is re ected in a deterioration of the country’s Societal Safety and Security indicators.” The report stated.

The Global peace index report additionally stated that harmless individuals may probably caught in the crossfire between police officers and criminals due to the intensive conflict on medication and criminality. Killing of criminals additionally made the Philippines extra dangerous.

“The extrajudicial killings of alleged criminals, drug mules and users has significantly increased security risks, even for ordinary citizens who could potentially get caught in the crossfire.” The report added.

President Rodrigo Duterte was accused of encouraging the individuals to kill criminals and ordering the authorities to commit extrajudicial killings which already debunked by the congress and senate.

Netizens even stated that they really feel safer due to the intensive police operations towards criminals.

But some individuals expressed their opposition to the actions of the federal government due to alleged human rights abuses dedicated by the authorities towards the criminals.

The Malacañang Palace just isn’t but giving a press release on the report launched by Global Peace Index.

Source: Global Peace Index

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