Catholic priest Father Teresito Suganob is among the many kidnap victims

Islamic State-affiliated terrorists in Malawi City are planning to make use of their kidnap victims as suicide bombers, three escaped hostages have warned.

Romar Marjalino, aged 39; his brother Roel, 37, and Jimmy Esperat, 43, instructed authorities that the terrorists have been planning to strap bombs to their captives earlier than liberating them.

The three former hostages — who swam to freedom throughout a 1,00-metre huge river — have been reunited with their households at a navy base yesterday (Sunday, August 12).

The hostages managed to flee final week and and have been turned over by army chief Rene Medina to Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar on Saturday.

When being defriefed, the lads confirmed that Catholic priest Father Teresito Suganob was nonetheless alive.

Mr Marjalino mentioned: “We were with Father Chito. He is okay, but he is tasked to collect powder from piccolo, five-star and other explosives to be used for improvised bombs that will be rigged to us.”

He additionally mentioned that one other 45 hostages — together with 20 ladies and 13 kids — have been nonetheless being held. Several kids had already died, he added.

According to his report, though Father Suganob was nonetheless alive, he was resigned to his destiny and “ready to die”.

He mentioned they invited him to flee with them, however the priest mentioned he was too weak and traumatised.

“For him, he would be happy if a huge bomb would hit the area,” Mr Marjalino added.

He mentioned they’d been planning to flee for the reason that first day of their captivity, however have been continually watched by gunmen.

“If we would escape we would surely die,” he added.

“Some of the terrorists were good to us, others treated us like animals.”

He mentioned their plan to flee was made attainable as a result of the weeks of preventing had diminished the variety of guards. They finally ran for it when their watchmen have been sleeping.

“All were asleep except from the one at the main door. With God’s help, that guard did not see us.”

Meanwhile, it has been reported by ABS-CBN News that Islamist reinforcements are nonetheless making their approach into the besieged metropolis.

The army neither confirmed nor denied the report however mentioned authorities troops have been prepared for such a risk.

The disaster in Malawi has raged since May 23 after a botched operation to arrest Ipnilon Hapilon, the IS chief, or ‘emir’, within the area.

Hapilon, who can be a commander of Abu Sayyaf with a $5 million FBI bounty on his head, was being harboured by the native Maute terror group and discussing plans to unite the assorted Islamist factions of Mindanao below the blag flag of IS.

The surprising ferocity of the preventing since then and the presence of overseas jihadis counsel he was profitable.

So far, 552 terrorists have been killed alongside 128 authorities troops. An estimated 400,000 civilians have been displaced by the chaos.

Source: philippineslifestyle