Malacanang assured the general public that there’s nothing to get worried about the potential lack of $250 million in grants from the European Union, principally for impoverished Muslim communities, because the Philippines can now stand by itself two ft with its economy growing by leaps and bounds.

“ You’ve seen the performance of the President with the past 10 months. We’re not disrespecting the aid that we’ve received but definitely we can… We have… Our track record shows that we’re doing — growing by leaps and bounds. ,” stated Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella stated in a briefing

“I think we need to gain a certain — a certain confidence in ourselves you know. And that this is exactly the kind of mentality I think that the President wants the Filipinos to avoid: a mendicant attitude, you know. We’re not giving you a spin. The economic results (show) that we are growing and, in fact, we are improving and we can manage. I am (confident). Aren’t you?”

When a reporter identified that the National Economic and Development Authority introduced simply hours earlier than the briefing that the financial progress as measured by gross home product fell to its slowest in a single yr, Abella was unfazed: “It’s still leaping though…There are cycles of growth, right? But so far We are very much on the right track towards growth.”

The Philippine economy grew by 6.four % within the January-March 2017 interval which was under estimates of 6.eight % and the slowest since GDP grew by 6.three % within the October-December 2015 interval.

“I suppose it all depends on the perspective regarding that. But right now, we are growing and right now we’re improving, and right now things are vastly being improved especially with the influx of investors coming from the region, coming from China, coming from Japan, coming from other areas,” unhappy Abella.