A story concerning the final sacrifice of a Filipino soldier throughout warfare in Marawi City 11has gone viral on social media.

Facebook fanpage SibEx, shared the story of Private First Class Dhan Ryan Bayot, a 24 12 months outdated soldier who called his commander earlier than he died within the palms of the Maute-ISIS terrorist in Marawi City on May 24.

According to the story titled “A different kind of Bayot”, the group of the personal top quality consisting of 9 troopers from the 51st battalion was stationed in a Barangay in Marawi Cty on the second day of Marawi siege.

They had been ordered to be dispatched to the mentioned place upon the request of a city mayor for safety functions as his residence was simply above the detachment.

Private First Clas Dhan Ryan Bayot

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But moments later, they had been attacked by armed males and a survivor mentioned that the group of personal Bayot was ambushed. Several gunfire additionally got here from the mayor’s home which allegedly occupied by the Maute terrorist or possibly some bodyguards of the mayor helped the attackers.

Five of Private Bayot’s companions had been lifeless as the results of the ambush performed by the terrorist. Three troopers managed to survive the ambush, however later three of them had been shot, killing one and wounding the 2.

Private Bayot, who already cornered by the terrorist called his commanding officer to ask for reinforcement, however nobody got here to rescue him.

A number of hours later, he called once more however sadly, Prvt Bayot has been informed by his commanding officer that reinforcements tried to enter his space twice, however they couldn’t get by means of a the way in which was already blocked by closely armed terrorists.

After realizing that he can’t survive the ambush anymore, Private Bayot gave his coordinates to the commanding officer and requested him to bomb his personal location so the terrorists close to his location would get hit.

“Bombahin nalang ninyo ang location ko Sir!,”(Just bomb my location Sir!) he informed his commanding officer.

After the name ended and Private Bayot didn’t name his commanding officer anymore and the military assumed that the younger soldier already sacrificed his life for the nation.

Four days later, his lifeless physique, together with the physique of his comrades was retrieved by the military.

One of the folks who retrieved the physique of Private Bayot is Sgt. Larry Bayot of the Division Reconnaissance Company of the first Infantry Division, the daddy of the Prvt. Ryan Bayot.

Sgt. Larry Bayot noticed no bullet wounds on his son’s physique. Instead, he noticed his son’s closely deformed face and a deep bolo minimize round his neck, an indication that the Maute terrorist group tried to behead Private Ryan Bayot.

Although pained a lot for the dastardly method of his son’s death, he by no means confirmed it. To a soldier, it’s at all times a ‘do-or-die-but never-question-why’ angle.

The subsequent day, the daddy introduced his son’s physique to bury him within the Family’s hometime in Ipil Zamboanga Sibugay. On June 2, President Rodrigo Duterte visited the burial of  the younger soldier and personally give the posthumous medal to Prvt. Bayot’s father.

The President additionally gave ₱250,000 to Bayot household and in addition pledged to fund for the schooling of any younger surviving member of the household.

President Rodrigo Duterte visited the burial of Prvt. Bayot and personally gave the posthumous medal to Sergeant Bayot.

When President Duterte requested if Sgt. Bayot has further request, he informed his commander-in-chief that his one other son, the youthful brother of Private Bayot wished to enter the AFP.

But the President gave an recommendation to the sergeant to let his remaining son to end school first.

“Unsa pa man akong matabang nimo?” (What else can I be of assist?) the President requested Sergeant Bayot. Bayot replied that his 18 year-old youngest son, who is the late PFC Ryan’s youthful brother, needs to be part of the Army too. Maybe you’ll be able to assist him enlist within the military, Bayot informed the president.

“No, not yet, he has to finish his college first, then after that maybe we can let him enter the army or even the police,” mentioned Duterte.

Sergeant Bayot adopted the recommendation of his commander-in-chief.

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