Jul 28, 2017 @ 10:51

Well, it is a bit unfair for poor of us.

If President Duterte’s sugar tax proposal is handed, 3-in-1 espresso merchandise could be topic to the levy however Starbucks signature drinks would not, in keeping with Senator JV Ejercito.

Ejercito earlier pushed for an intensive research on the federal government’s proposed tax reform program amid issues on its opposed influence on shoppers.

“The irony in the proposed tax reform is those who drink 3 in 1 Coffee will pay almost double, while Starbucks coffee will not be affected,” the senator tweeted.

“For some, coffee is already their ‘meal’ in the morning. Coffee will now be a luxury to the ordinary citizens,” he added.

He mentioned public servants should attempt to uplift the dwelling situation of the individuals. “We need to carefully study the tax reform program,” he mentioned wrote on Facebook.

Source: politics.com.ph