Warrantless arrests much like what occurred throughout Martial Law could occur as soon as once more if President Rodrigo Duterte is pressured to put Mindanao below authoritarian rule.

In a speech in Davao City Friday (May 19), Duterte warned that he shouldn’t be tempted into declaring martial law.

“It’s going to be a military take over all over again. I will not interfere expect to give orders where they will go east, west… babalik yung ASO…do not ever tempt me,” he mentioned throughout the 33rd Philippine Coastguard Auxiliary National Convention on the SMX conference middle in Lanang, Davao City.

ASO stands for Arrest and Seizure Orders, a directive much like what the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos issued throughout Martial Law.

Duterte mentioned he will probably be pressured to declare martial law if there will probably be loss of a number of loss of lives in Mindanao.

“Please do not force my hand into it. I hate it but if there will be lost of lives needlessly, with no reason but to just, kill, kill and kill. I will declare Martial Law in Mindanao… if I declare martial law, I will solve all that ills my land,”

“Hindi lang rebellion, even the boundaries, Putang Ina. There will be no guarantee that it will last in the end,” he mentioned.

Source: politics.com.ph