President Rodrigo Duterte is planning to impose stricter guidelines on the sale of ammunition to prevent communist and Moro rebels from increase their arsenal to kill troopers and civilians.

“I will no longer allow ‘yung mga tindahan to sell bullets over the counter, that cannot be done. Hindi tayo matatapos nito, we’re just supplying ammunition to the enemy. Kasi may pera sila because of extortion. And most of the plantation owners and the miners are really paying, ‘yan ang totoo talaga,” mentioned Duterte in a a speech at the 25th Association of Firearms and Ammunition Dealers of the Philippines (AFAD) conference in Davao City Friday.

Duterte mentioned he would ask incoming Interior Secretary Eduardo Ano to create an workplace to oversee sale of firearms and ammunition by subsequent month.

“Doon ko ibigay ang guidance sa kanya na how to check it out that no firearms would ever, ever land in the hands of an enemy of the state. Pati ‘yung bala post portion, you can buy mga 20 rounds eh. Ano ba naman ‘yan whole day of firing,” mentioned Duterte.

“So if you want to take orders, advise your client or your clients that you have to work on the papers, mga… make it early because it would be hard for you not to get the bullets. Because, we know very well that some of those ammunition that are purchased are on the hands of the NPAs,” he added.

Last yr, the President mentioned he would solely permit licenses for shotguns and brief rifles whereas stopping the grant of licenses forAK-47s and M-16s to civilians.

“As one way of controlling and even ‘yung high-powered. ‘Yung high-powered hindi na talaga dapat ipagbili ‘yan. No more. Ang security guard is there in the mountain shotgun, okay naman ‘yang shotgun,” mentioned Duterte.