Aug 17, 2017 @ 13:38

President Rodrigo Duterte is pissed on the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) for calling the administration out over the bloody struggle on medication.

In his speech on the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption’s (VACC) 19th anniversary Wednesday (August 16), Duterte slammed the CHR for making “so much noise” even if their powers are solely supposedly recommendatory.

“They can write anything. Condemn the police, condemn everybody, pagdating ng recommendation, wala naman,” he mentioned.

Duterte attributed the excessive death toll within the struggle on medication to the diligence of policemen.

“Tapos ‘yung Human Rights ngayon is investigating. One of these days, kayong Human Rights, kayo ang imbestigahin ko. Totoo. Conspiracy,” he mentioned, drawing applause from the viewers.

He mentioned the police ought to shoot CHR personnel to see which aspect they will likely be defending.

“Sabihin mo pulis, barilin mo na ‘yang kasali diyan. If they are obstructing justice, you shoot them. Para makita talaga kung anong klaseng human right…,” Duterte mentioned.

“Galit ako sa inyo. Because hindi niyo tinitimpla kung anong klaseng papasukan ninyo. Basta human rights. Eh ilang biktima na dito?” he requested.

Duterte earlier threatened to abolish CHR and mentioned he won’t permit cops and troopers to be investigated by the company.