Jul 21, 2017 @ 21:36

Did President Rodrigo Duterte simply disregard Congress’ authority in extending martial law?

Duterte on Friday (July 21) stated warrantless arrests will proceed even if Congress rejects his request to increase martial law in Mindanao.

“Ako, I can operate with or without martial law. So, I have to do the — Sabi ko, I’ll just have to do my duty. It’s in my oath of office. I don’t need martial law,” he stated.

“Now, ‘pag wala na ‘yan and if I have to arrest you without a warrant, I will arrest you without a warrant — with or without martial law — if I think that it is part of the war,” he added.

Duterte stated he can arrest somebody “in good faith” if he believes that particular person is a part of the rise up in Mindanao.

The declaration of martial law allowed the navy conduct warrantless arrests in Mindanao. Among the personalities they arrested have been kin of Omar and Abdullah Maute, who heads the Maute group.

The Senate and House of Representatives is ready to convene in a joint session Saturday (July 21) to deliberate on Duterte’s request to increase martial law till December 31 this 12 months.

Source: politics.com.ph