Sep 15, 2017 @ 22:00

President Rodrigo Duterte has began to spill the beans about Senator Antonio Trillanes IV’s alleged offshore bank accounts.

In an interview over state-run PTV-Four aired Friday (September 15), Duterte stated Trillanes may need had no qualms signing a waiver for his bank accounts in the nation as a result of his cash was stashed abroad.

“Ang sikreto diyan is ang pera ni Trillanes, spread all throughout this planet. At ‘yung mga bangko na nandiyan ‘yung pangalan niya, may partner siya,” he stated.

“You know, going through this report — from another country ito ha, hindi ‘to atin — Trillanes has several currency accounts in Shanghai, Zurich, Geneva, and Singapore,” Duterte stated.

The President stated all accounts of Trillanes with overseas banks, together with ABN AMRO and the Australian and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) “are flagged as having international transactions.”

“Aside from the accounts in Asia and Switzerland, he has four savings accounts in Cayman Islands, which were opened online. British Virgin Islands, four accounts,” he stated.

Duterte stated Trillanes managed to keep away from detection of his bank accounts abroad by sustaining a steadiness between US$100,00zero to US$300,00zero.

“The U.S. bank account number 927519921320 in Zurich has a balance of $75,000 or Philippine 3,801,385.05. The DBS account number 178000296012 in Singapore has a balance of 193,000,” he stated.

Duterte stated these accounts, nonetheless, have been already closed down primarily based on the data he obtained from sure “providers.”