President Rodrigo Duterte has given strict orders to the military to take no prisoners in its hunt for ISIS-state linked Abu Sayyaf members who made a failed try to kidnap vacationers in Bohol.

Duterte stated the military has the know-how in its manhunt for the terrorists and obliterate them as soon as they have been tagged. He ordered the military not to permit the terrorists to give up. He stated the terrorists have been out to embarrass the Philippines because it hosts the 50th anniversary of the ASEAN celebration this yr.

“Parang i-tag ka namin sa satellite tapos malaman na namin kung sige ka biyahe. There was a good intelligence report. Kung makita ka namin, i-tag ka na namin so habang nagbi-biyahe ka my orders to the Navy is kung positive pasabugin na. Wala nang surrender, surrender. Ang sabi ko kanyunin (canyon) mo na, wasakin mo,” stated Duterte.

Duterte stated that authorities has deployed troops to Bohol to make sure that the Abu Sayyaf have been blocked from increasing their terrorists actions past the Mindanao Sea which is on the south of Bohol and Leyte and north of Mindanao.

“I said we are doing our best. The Army is here, the place is secured. We have more than enough officers to fight for one year if need be. So you are safe. The interdiction is that they must not reach the places where beyond the Mindanao Sea. Dapat doon lang sila. And we have the capability ‘yon ang plano namin,” he stated.

Duterte stated he was nonetheless maintaining his last possibility of invading the Abu Sayyaf’s lair in Jolo.

“I hope it would not reach that point where we have to choose the last option. Because pagka ganon I will maybe invade Jolo. Invasion na lang talaga. But maraming ma-disgrasya diyan civilians, bata… But ‘pag naipit na ang bayan, I will order the invasion of Jolo. Lahat ng Army, lahat ng Navy magpunta doon. Iyan bakbakan na talaga iyan. Kung iyan ang gusto nila, ibibigay ko,” stated Duterte.

“Rather than wait for another day for them to do it again, I said sa military pati pulis, ‘finish the game’,” stated Duterte.