Sep 5, 2017 @ 20:08

President Rodrigo Duterte stated the Marcoses had been “bright people” who would clearly demand safety from all pending and future fits on the return of the $10 billion ill-gotten amssed by their patriarch, the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

“Itong mga Marcos hindi ito papayag na isasauli nila tapos kulungin mo sila. Then, we have to craft a law on that. And that is immunity,” Duterte stated in an interview Tuesday night time.

“Hindi naman mga bobo iyan. ‘O sige isauli pero huwag mo akong kulungin.’ Ganoon iyan. Otherwise kung kulungin mo, bakit ko isauli?” he added.

Duterte careworn that he was neither for or in opposition to granting immunity to the Marcoses however he believed immunity could be a deal breaker in any compromise.

“Bigyan mo ng immunity, fine. Hindi mo bigyan ng immunity, fine. But walang perang isauli ‘yan. Then you’ll have to look for — to the ends of the earth to — to get them,” he stated.

But Duterte was adamant that the Marcoses by no means demanded for immunity and that he was conscious that he couldn’t assure it to them.

“I will not advise anything to the Marcoses. They are better off listening to their lawyer,” he added.
Duterte careworn that any take care of the Marcoses must undergo Congress.

“You have to have the consent of Congress because you have to formulate a law. What is the arrangement? You are asking for what? Immunity if you return? That’s a long process. That doesn’t belong to me,” stated Duterte.