Jul 21, 2017 @ 19:43

President Rodrigo Duterte stated he empathized with the general public’s every day distress on the worsening traffic within the nation in a speech earlier than a enterprise discussion board in Davao City Friday.

But Duterte fell wanting placing the blame on his “bilyonaryo and valedictorian classmate”, Transportation Secretary Art Tugade whom he designated traffic czar a 12 months in the past.

Duterte stated the atrocious traffic doubled the burden of the general public who must endure lining up in authorities workplaces for months simply to comply with up the processing of their licenses or permits.

“I bleed for the public because traffic in Manila is horrendous. And you keep on, you know— Putang ina. Pabalik-balikin ninyo ‘yung tao,” stated Duterte.

“Mabuti ito kung may mga escort. May mga pulis na mag-wang-wang diyan to make way for you,” he added.

Tugade, who as soon as claimed that traffic was only a “state of mind”, was among the many VIPs seated on stage behind the President. He has refused to take blame for the worsening traffic state of affairs and as an alternative blamed Congress for not granting the President emergency energy to resolve it.

Duterte stated he was ashamed of utilizing particular plates simply to permit his convoy to weave by traffic while hapless drivers and commuters look on with envy.

“You know, when I was congressman I did not use the plate 8. I avoided it because I understood the stare of the people when you go down from your car. It is really a stare of… it’s an odious one,” stated Duterte.

“Other people say that they are being admired because people are looking. It depends on how you interpret the public. But if you know how the people are suffering from the number one oppressor, the government,” stated Duterte.

Source: politics.com.ph