President Rodrigo Duterte is questioning why the Supreme Court has not acted on the case filed in opposition to Philippine Daily Inquirer’s homeowners, the Prieto household, for allegedly misdeclaring taxes of its Dunkin’ Donuts franchise.

“There was a case and the case is now for the longest time nasa Supreme Court. And I really do not know what’s keeping the Supreme Court from deciding a simple case of back taxes,” mentioned Duterte.

“Until now, it’s still in the Supreme Court back to litigation. Because at that time, Kim Henares, the BIR whom I… Hindi ko talaga alam sa kaibigan ko, ang laki ng respeto ko kay Henares. I even helped her in the campaign sa tax collection sa Davao. Only to realize that talagang ang problem sa Pilipinas, it is the oligarchy,” mentioned Duterte.

Duterte is referring to the P1.6 billion tax fraud uncovered in 2010 by then Bureau of Internal Revenue examiner Othello who found that the Prietos owed the federal government P1.6 billion in tax deficiencies and penalties after their Golden Donuts Inc. allegedly underdeclared gross sales and earnings of Dunkin’ Donuts in 2007 and 2008.

Dalanon resigned in disgust in 2013 after former Bureau of Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim Henares refused to behave on what hevelieved was a transparent lower case of tax evasion in opposition to the Prietos. He filed a case of administrative and legal charges in opposition to Henares with the Ombudsman in 2014. The Ombdusman dismissed the case however Dalanon claimed the Ombudsman didn’t conduct a thoroguh investigation of the difficulty.
Dalanon raised the difficulty to the Court of Appeals which additionally dismissed the case for lack of jurisdiction. In July 2016, Dalanon filed petiton fo certiorari with the Supreme Court to attraction his case.

Duterte, apparently, agreed along with his case. “Dunkin’ Donut owes the government one billion six hundred, itong Inquirer. When they editorialize you moaning about corruption and morality. When as a matter of fact, sila ang may utang, hindi binabayaran hanggang ngayon,” mentioned Duterte in a speech final week.