President Rodrigo Duterte believes he is the greatest man for the job in fixing Mindanao’s smoldering points and conflicts.

In a speech in Sulu, Duterte mentioned: “Prangkahan ko kayo, dapat medyo pinag-isipan ko talaga mabuti kung tatakbo ako o hindi. Problem is nakita naman ninyo, nobody was talking about Mindanao.”

“Eh taga-Mindanao ako, mayor ako for 23 years sa Davao, congressman, vice mayor ako ng anak ko. Walang nakaalam sa problema ng Mindanao at ‘pag walang nakaalam dito mag-diskarte, mawawala, mawala ang Mindanao sa atin. Wala kayong narinig na ‘ganito ang solusyon o pakiusapan mo ang mga rebelde’,” he added.

The reluctant presidential candidate cited the escalation of violence in Mindanao, particularly the raging siege in Marawi City, as a justification for his shocking victory in 2016.

“Kita mo naman ang armas dito. Kita mo ang firepower ng kalaban. Kita mo ngayon pati ‘yung namamatayan ako ng mga sundalo pati pulis. Kaya ako tumakbo,” mentioned Duterte who famous that he was a frequent customer of Marawi City throughout his boyhood days.

He mentioned that he has little alternative however to go all-out towards the criminals behind the Marawi rampage even at the price of the lives of solders and police.

“So ‘yun ang message ko. And for you now who are suffering the brunt of the war, I could only thank you. Salamat in the name of the people of the Philippines and the Republic,” he mentioned.‎

“But we have to fight because it is the only country we have. Pagka nawala ito, ang Mindanao, pagka sumabog ito, wala na ang Pilipinas. Then it is a destroyed country. And, of course, we cannot allow that to happen, even if we have to die, all of us,” he added.