Solicitor General Jose Calida reminded the International Criminal Court (ICC) that President Rodrigo Duterte is immune from suit.

“The constitution is higher than any treaty,” he confused on Tuesday (February 13).

“Under our constitution, and jurisprudence, the president is immune from suit,” he argued.

The Solicitor General additionally questioned the Commission on Human Right’s (CHR) authority to volunteer to conduct the probe on behalf of the ICC.

“Is the CHR a different branch of the government? As far as I know there are only three: executive, legislative and judiciary,” he said.

The ICC will probably be conducting the preliminary examination primarily based on the grievance filed in April final yr by lawyer Jude Sabio, the authorized counsel of confessed hitman Edgar Matobato.

Matotabato has claimed being a member of the Davao Death Squad which he mentioned is headed by Duterte who has given quite a few orders to hold out killings.

In his grievance, Sabio mentioned Duterte and 11 different authorities officers ought to be held answerable for 1000’s of deaths regarding the administration’s ongoing conflict in opposition to medicine.