The conflict in Mindanao could also be removed from over even when the army is near retaking Marawi City from the terrorist Maute group.

President Rodrigo Duterte urged the general public to be alert because the terrorists could also be searching for a brand new place in Mindanao to assault.

“We must keep watch because Basilan is boiling up. As a matter of fact, we conducted two bomb runs there,” he stated in an interview after visiting wounded troopers in Cagayan de Oro City Tuesday (June 20).

He slammed those that criticized his declaration of martial regulation in Mindanao, saying the terrorism menace shouldn’t be confined to Marawi City alone.

“Those who were able to escape [inaudible] You know there are places, you have Cotabato, you have Basilan, you have Jolo. Whether you like it or not, the sentiments of a spillover there,” he stated.

“So you have to keep watch and control the movements as yet. Just because the fighting has stopped in Marawi, it does not mean that we are already safe,” Duterte added.