(Eagle News) — A waste and air pollution watch group exhorted the public to chorus from littering in seashores and different leisure spots this summer season.

The EcoWaste Coalition requested vacationers to goal for “zero marine litter,” particularly in coastal areas.

“We appeal to all vacationers not to abandon their discards in our beaches and other recreational sites.Leave only your footprints in the sands.  Please don’t leave your cigarette butts, plastics and leftover foods behind, ” stated Ochie Tolentino, Zero Waste Campaigner, EcoWaste Coalition.

She stated holding the seashores and shores “free of trash is one way of reducing the volume of marine litter that is turning our seas into giant landfills to the detriment of the marine wildlife.”

Used plastic luggage, for example, she stated might be “easily blown by wind into the sea where aquatic animals mistake them for food.”

Balloons,  beach balls,  swimming floaters and misplaced strains, nets and different fishing gear also can “hurt and injure marine animals through entanglement,” she stated.

As a end result, the EcoWaste Coalition suggested vacationers to keep away from the single use of supplies and merchandise.

They ought to go for reusable merchandise corresponding to reusable “bayong” and fabric carry luggage, reusable dinnerware and cutlery, washable fabric napkins, amongst others, as a substitute.


Source: eaglenewsph