Jul 20, 2017 @ 15:45

Senator Leila de Lima on Thursday warned in opposition to a creeping authoritarianism beneath the Duterte administration within the guise of the deliberate extension of martial regulation.

“Pre-emptive martial law, like one that extends to 150 days or practically almost half of the year, only forebodes of creeping authoritarianism and not the maintenance of public order,” she mentioned in an announcement.

The recognized critic of President Duterte expressed perception that known as extension of Proclamation 216 is geared in the direction of perpetual martial regulation.

“This is the harsh reality of all democratic forces must fight and oppose to the end if we are to preserve freedom and democracy under this tyrant,” she mentioned.

“Our default social regime is still freedom and democracy under a civilian government, any imposition of military rule that infringes on this status quo is severely restricted under our constitutional democratic set-up,” De Lima added.

It is just not solely extreme however extra so unconstitutional to have the martial regulation in Mindanao transcend the 60-day interval, the senator and former justice secretary pressured.

“The Constitution does not contemplate that an extension can even go beyond the original period of 60 days. The wording of Section 18, Article VII conveys the common sense understanding that martial law cannot be extended beyond a second 60-day period or a 150-day period until Dec. 2017. This is all the more obvious if the conditions justifying martial law cannot be realistically projected to still exist in the entire months of Aug. to Dec.,” she mentioned.

“This is nothing short of a pre-emptive martial law, a notion that is constitutionally infirm, if not downright unconstitutional and illegal. Any extended martial law must be anchored only on a continuing state of actual rebellion and cannot serve merely as a psychological weapon to quell anticipated further attacks and other acts of violence,” the senator.

De Lima, in additional criticizing the President, mentioned such acts of revolt can’t be predicted, not even by the Chief Executive himself.

“Only god can predict the future. Not even Duterte who is considered a god by his sycophants, can predict if martial law will still be justified beyond Sept., the end of a 60-day extension. This is why the Constitution only allows a 60-day period and extensible for another 60-day maximum period because not even a President can have the divine power of omniscience,” she mentioned.

“Definitely it already smacks of authoritarian rule, when a President, even with his conscientious use of all intelligence information, cannot possibly predict if the conditions justifying military rule will continue to exist up to Dec.,” De Lima mentioned.

Source: politics.com.ph