Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte blasted his enemy, senator Antonio Trillanes for his ’embarrassing’ interview with BBC HARDtalk Stephen Sackur.

Pulong laughed to senator Trillanes which he referred to as ‘senator ugok’ after he watched the interview of senator Trillanes on BBC and he mentioned that the chief critic of President Duterte was a disgrace.

“Very Very Hard Talk with SenadorUgok. Hahahaha nakakahiya ka BOY” Duterte mentioned.

The Vice Mayor additionally described the interview as “FACT VS FAKE”

“This is not FAKE interview from FAKE Media,” he added.

Few days in the past, senator Trillanes was interviewed by BBC journalist Stephen Sackur in an episode of HARDtalk which turned viral on social media.

Netizens didn’t anticipated that the senator would acquired exhausting questions from the host of the present.

After they watched the video, they praised Sackur for researching very properly in regards to the present state of affairs of the Philippines earlier than interviewing the chief critic of President Duterte.

The feud between senator Antonio Trillanes IV and Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte began when the critic of President Duterte began to examine the alleged extrajudicial killings dedicated by the present administration and the existence of the notorious ‘Davao Death Squad’

Last 12 months, Paolo Duterte claimed that he knew a senator who makes use of cocaine.

Senator Antonio Trillanes shortly responded to the ‘blind item’ of Duterte and he challenged the Vice Mayor to bear a ‘comprehensive drug test’

Paolo Duterte accepted the problem and he selected probably the most correct drug check that out there within the nation referred to as ‘hair follicle drug test’ that would decide seven main medication even when an individual used any of them just a few years again.

The outcomes of the drug check confirmed that the Vice Mayor was clear of amphetamine, methampethamines, cocaine/metabolites, opiates, prolonged opiates, phencyclidine, THC metabolite, and benzodiazepines.

“His imputations that I was a drug addict were based entirely on a fabricated story by a man whose imagination is as twisted as the senator’s,” Duterte mentioned.

“The outcomes of the great drug check is sufficient vindication for me as I used to be vilified and slandered as they apparently tried to destroy my father and your entire Duterte household, he added.

But even the drug check problem ended, Paolo Duterte didn’t cease to assault the senator on his Facebook web page.


Source: pinoytrending