The Reuters particular report disclosing alleged staged crime scenes within the administration’s drug struggle gave Sen. Leila de Lima a chance to scoff at President Duterte and labelled him a “bloodthirsty head of State.”

“I’m more than morally convinced that the ongoing human carnage targeting mostly the poor is state-sponsored as incited by bloodthirsty head of state. Ooops…No, I’m not just more than morally convinced. Without any reservations, I KNOW ‘it’s state-sponsored’,” she mentioned in her handwritten observe dated Thursday (April 20).

Although the Reuters story cited a retired police intelligence officer and an active-duty commander who’re supposedly in-the-know in regards to the anti-drug operations, the detained senator expressed perception that it is not a fiction.

“It’s real. It’s the ugly head and disturbing truth of what has become of the PNP (Philippine National Police). Something tells me that a significant number of PNP officers and personnel are as equally shaken and appalled by the tide of lawlessness that has swept their ranks,” she mentioned.

“I say that they and they alone can save their beloved institution from further infamy,” De Lima added.

The senator famous the similarity within the scheme beforehand disclosed by self-confessed hitmen and alleged former members of the Davao Death Squad (DDS), Edgar Matobato and retired SPO3 Arthur Lascanas, who each got here out to disclose the purported money rewards for each killing they made.

“The cash rewards for the assailants and the planting of handguns and drugs on the slain suspects are the very characteristics of the nightmare called DDS. The DDS is in monstrous form, has simply been transported from a local kingdom to the national sphere. It’s now a nationwide plague,” the senator mentioned.