Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmeña has a suggestion to deliver again the belief of the individuals to the Commission on Human Rights.

On his Facebook post, Mayor Osmeña mentioned that Commission on Human Rights chairmanship should be an ‘elected position’ so the individuals would be given an opportunity to decide on the those that they wished to guard their rights.

He didn’t deny that there’s a public assist on the choice of the House of the Representatives to offer solely ₱1,000 funds to the Commission on Human Rights.

Osmeña believed that the deteriorating recognition of the Commission on Human rights was the consequence of the individuals’s ‘loss of trust and confidence in CHR’s management’

“That there is public support for Congress’ decision to award CHR with a budget that fits a single paper bill is a clear indicator that there is a loss of trust and confidence in CHR’s leadership. It’s chairman should resign.” Osmena mentioned.

“But he doesn’t have to. And that’s the problem. The other problem is if he does resign, who should replace him?” he added.

Source: pinoytrending